Aggressive Representation In Pennsylvania Truck Accident Cases

In an accident between an 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle, there is a much higher probability of serious injuries. A fully loaded truck can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds and can do substantial damage to other vehicles in the event of an accident. Victims have the right to be fully compensated for their losses in these cases, and the assistance of a qualified personal injury lawyer can be extremely helpful.

Insurance companies are known for their lowball tactics in dealing with truck accident injury claims. By hiring a qualified Harrisburg lawyer at the outset, the insurance company is put on notice that you will not be sent away so easily and that your claim should be taken seriously. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we seek maximum compensation for clients throughout Pennsylvania in all types of truck accident cases.

Holding All Negligent Parties Accountable

Thorough investigations are an essential part of the successful resolution of any truck accident claim. It is possible for multiple parties to share in the liability for some accidents, and identifying all of them helps to ensure that you receive the full measure of compensation you deserve. We work hard to see that all negligent parties are held accountable for their roles in your accident.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, we may pursue damages against the truck driver, the trucking company, equipment suppliers and others. We review police reports, log books, prior regulatory violations and all other available sources to help us present a more compelling case in support of your claim.

Speak With A Dedicated Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney About Your Claim

Contact one of our offices to discuss your injuries and learn more about your legal options. We will provide honest answers to your questions and explain how we can help you. You can reach us by phone at 717-260-3580, toll free at 866-321-5340 or via email to schedule a free initial consultation.

It is critical to act as soon as possible, because trucking companies may try to destroy the evidence. Do not agree to have the truck or car destroyed. Please call for free advice.