Dangerous And Defective Products

Big businesses profit from selling their products to us as consumers. Manufacturers and sellers of these products have a duty to produce safe products that perform properly and without posing undue risk of injury. If a product is defective or unreasonably dangerous, product manufacturers and sellers are liable for the injuries and damages they cause.

The laws governing product liability have changed slightly in Pennsylvania recently. However, a product will typically be "defective" in one of three ways: Defective design—where some flaw exists at the design level, so that every product featuring that design is defective and is likely to cause the same injuries; Defective manufacturing— where the product has a flaw during production that resulted in the dangerous defect. Defects like this usually only affect specific lots of units or units produced; or Defective or inaccurate marketing— where a product was misrepresented with improper labeling, lack of safety warnings or instructions, or failure to warn consumers of potential risks.

Dangerous products such as saws, power tools, automated machines, yard maintenance equipment, vehicles, elevators and other products can cause severe, permanent injuries and death. A product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or seller of a dangerous product helps can provide significant compensation to injured victims and can also result in changed laws for future consumers.

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