Our Attorneys Get Results

Mr. Marzzacco has been co-counsel in several complex product liability and commercial vehicle crash cases that have resulted in confidential, multi-million dollar awards and settlements for his clients that cannot be listed here, per court order or agreement. However, some of his many personal successes in other personal injury claims include:

$2,150,000 for a young woman permanently injured in a car crash caused by a teenage driver in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Before Attorney Marzzacco filed suit and got involved, the insurance company would not offer more than $600,000.00 to resolve the case.

$1,850,000 for the family of a young man killed by a commercial truck in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

$1,625,000 for the spouse of a man operating his motorcycle who was struck by a pickup truck in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

$1,500,000 for the parents and children of a young woman from Pennsylvania killed by a distracted driver in Myrtle Beach, SC.

$1,265,000 for the parents of a woman killed in a car crash caused by a DUI driver. The crash took place on Route 81 in Lebanon County.

$1,015,000 for a man operating his motorcycle who was paralyzed from the chest down when a commercial vehicle driver and crew failed to secure a piece of equipment properly. The crash took place in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

$1,000,000 for a tractor trailer driver who was severely injured after his cab was struck by a wheel that had sheered-off from another tractor trailer in York, Pennsylvania.

Our workers compensation attorneys have helped injured workers get the benefits they deserved-often through litigating because employers' insurance companies had denied their claims. Historically, we have obtained numerous settlements and awards exceeding $200,000 for our clients. Some of recent Worker's Compensation results include:

$230,000 settlement - Ernest K., a crane operator with 14 years of work experience, sustained a significant right foot injury after a barrier fell on his foot. While the insurance carrier initially accepted liability, our firm was able to get subsequent surgeries covered and related periods of wage loss for our client, and negotiated a lump sum settlement of $230,000.

$222,580 settlement - Harold S., a life-long automobile mechanic, sustained serious head, neck, and low back injuries when he struck his head on a car lift and fell to the ground. While the insurance carrier accepted liability, they subsequently contested extensive medical treatment, which our law firm successfully litigated as "reasonable and necessary" and then negotiated a lump sum settlement of $222,580.

$215,000 settlement - Woody F., a tractor-trailer driver who injured his lower back at work when he fell repairing his vehicle and sustained permanent injuries. The insurance company's doctor believed our client had fully recovered from his work-injury, when the client clearly was still work-disabled. After many discussions and legal maneuvers, our firm was able to negotiate a lump-sum settlement of $214,000.

$200,000 settlement - Richard S., a life-long over the road truck driver, sustained a career ending hip injury, for which the insurance carrier denied liability. We filed a Claim Petition, which was litigated to a favorable decision and then we subsequently negotiated a lump sum settlement of $200,000.

$200,000 settlement - Admir S., a tractor trailer driver was in a weather related MVA. He had accepted head and neck injuries for which he was receiving workers' compensation wage loss and medical benefits. The insurance carrier attempted to terminate his benefits by alleging he was fully recovered and instead our law firm was able to negotiate a lump sum settlement of $200,000.00

$200,000 settlement - Michael T. was injured when he slipped and fell, injuring his low back, which ultimately required surgery. He was unable to return to his pre-injury job as a certified nursing assistant, however, his employer sought to reduce his wage loss benefits by showing work was available within his capabilities. Our firm defended him in this litigation, and was able to secure him a $200,000 settlement.

$150,000 settlement - Rita J. was employed as a school custodian, and injured her back lifting trash into a dumpster. Her employer voluntarily commenced payment of wage and medical loss benefits, and shortly after sent her to a defense medical examination. Their doctor stated Rita was fully recovered from the work injury, and they filed a Termination Petition to end her entitlement to benefits. Our office was able to defend her in this litigation, and she was able to proceed with a contested surgery. Our firm ultimately secured her a $150,000 settlement.

$115,000 settlement - Jennifer F. was employed as a pediatric nurse, and suffered a knee injury after a slip and fall on her employer's premises. She underwent two surgeries to repair the damage to her knee, which failed to return her to her pre-injury condition. As a result of her knee problems, Jennifer fell and injured her back, but her employer denied responsibility for same. We litigated the relationship of the low back condition, and were ultimately able to recover a $115,000 settlement for Jennifer.

When Results Matter, Put A Trusted Legal Team On Your Side

After a serious injury, the law firm you choose can have a tremendous impact on the amount of compensation you secure to cover your lost wages, medical expenses and other losses. With so much at stake, it is vital that you trust your case in the hands of capable attorneys with a record of success in similar cases.

No lawyer can guarantee a certain result in your case, but at Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we do guarantee that we will pursue every dollar of compensation you are entitled to - and we will not stop until we have gotten the best possible result for you. To learn how we can help you put your life back together after an injury, please contact our main office in Harrisburg at 717-260-3580 (866-321-5340 toll free) or send us an email.