"I felt valued and respected as a client, my voice counted. My attorney cared about me and the outcome of my case." -Richard G.

"Everyone took the time to explain things step by step and was very prompt in answering my questions." - Jennifer F.

"You are very professional and fought hard for me. I am ever so grateful" -Margy O.

"1st I was treated like a human being. 2nd your firm is honest and courteous. I will be recommending your services to others. Thank you." -Dayna

"Everyone was very nice and easy to work with. It took the stress out of the whole procedure." - Tracy S.

"People were understanding, helpful, nice and never made you feel like you didn’t know what you were talking about. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone." -Lori M.

"Job well done! I would rate you a five star law office firm. Maybe six if there is such a thing!" - Karl H.

"I felt as if I mattered and my case mattered and was important. That was very special to me." Nicole G. On behalf of Joseph G. (Deceased)

"You are good at what you do." - William S.

"I have already recommended your firm to two other people. One of them has already retained your services." - Ivan H.

"Yous are amazing firm!" - Rachel T.

"I like how you all got the job done. All of you were very kind and patient." - Joan S.

"Did me good" - Maria B.

"Katherine L. Niven is very experienced with disability laws. I felt very confident with her as my advocate." - Paula O.

"I feel that you had my back. I felt prepared to face the Judge. That’s very important." - Debra A.

"All the attorneys and paralegals were very professional. They were very courteous and took the time to answer my questions in terms I could understand." - Laura H.

"I was kept in the loop and felt like I had family on my side." - Albert H.

"I tell everyone Katherine stood by me and fought for me when no one else seemed to care." -Cheryl R.

"You have done what no other could do for me. Thank you from me and my family"- Michael P.

"There is genuine care for each client and their well-being."- Joy H.

"This firm's lawyers and associates know how best to handle each case and are compassionate toward their clients."- M Funk

"Your firm cares about the quality of life people need. You took care of my needs when I was desperate for help."- Kathi G.

"You came through for me when I didn't think I had a chance"- Rosalyn G.

"No one else but you and my doctors were in my corner. If not for you I really don't know if I could have kept fighting to live."- Erica J.

"One word: Professionalism."- Joseph G.

"Attorney Niven made me feel comfortable and has the compassion I needed and was looking for in an attorney. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone I know. Excellent service, professionalism, compassion and knowledge."- Kelly K.

"Very positive experience. When you are faced with this kind of situation, it's a blessing to have someone fight for your rights."- Lisa S. For Deb T.

"Even though we were having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, you gave us the inspiration to hold on and keep fighting."- Michael K.

"Your firm did what it took to fight for my case. I'm so thankful for your services.- Brett H.

"You kept your word from our first meeting and got me a nice lump sum of money...more than I was expecting."- Paula P.

"You took a very stressful and frustrating situation off of my hands and mind"- Paul H.

"Staff was friendly - completed initial filing of paperwork with Social Security Office when other firms do not provide this service."- Byron G.

"I am grateful fate brought me knocking on your door. I got the best possible services I could"- Adronick B.

"Truthful as advertised. There were no fees since there were no arrears in my SSI payments. Quick and satisfactory decisions with your firms help and advice."- Mark F.

"I have already recommended this firm to numerous people due to the professional yet personal way in which I was treated. Prompt return phone calls were a plus!"- Gladys P.

"The best law firm I ever dealt with"- Keith L.

"Y'all were very kind and understanding to my needs and concerns"- Ginny H.

"Calls and questions answered in fast time"- Brian C.

"From the moment I contacted Marzzacco Niven & Associates, I finally felt a sense of having a team behind me, backing me up to work for my rights"- Christina H.

"Your compassion, concern and significance of my case were noticeable with each phone call and letter"- Christina H.

"Katherine said we will lead you through the process and they did"- Joseph I.

"Your office handled everything for me. All I had to do was follow your directions and fill out forms as needed. Everything was so much easier with the process"- Barbara V.

"I appreciate your firm's knowledge, skills and your ability to impart them with compassion, patience and availability. Thank you to everyone who helped bring my case to a successful conclusion."- K. S.

"Hardworking, courteous Associates who go above and beyond to help their clients"- Gregory B.

"Your firm was amazing – Every person who worked on both my cases was not only compassionate but the sense of urgency on both cases blew my mind. What a wonderful team. Thank you all so much."- Dakota R.

"Everyone really cared, although I was just another case, that was not how I felt. You have a wonderful firm."- Dakota R.

"You took care of everything and when I called, you always answered my calls"- Debra B.

"I was treated with respect whenever I had a questions"- Michael D.

"Your firm really goes the extra mile to help your clients and is there if you have any questions."- Kerry K.

"Your firms efficient handling of my case kept me from stressing out, which I greatly appreciated"- Cheryl W.

"Your office was a pleasure to work with, very understanding and professional"- Doreen M.

"You were recommended to us and we would gladly recommend you to any of our friends"- Joseph O.

"I am very grateful for all you did. I had very little to do myself-which took away a lot of pressure and anxiety"- Deborah M.

"From the start I felt very convinced that your firm was completely in control and I did not have to worry"- H. Swartz

"Each staff member I worked with was very courteous and professional at all times"- Pat H.

"Your office listened to my concerns and questions. You were very informative"- Leisa L.

"Successfully completed my case and stuck with it even when I was ready to give up"- Brian H.

"I needed someone who would have the knowledge and be able to explain things to me about my case. Your office staff did exactly what I had hoped."- Melissa F.

"We recommended a friend to you about a year ago that is a client of yours now. We also recommended you to a neighbor. Not only did you help us with workers comp, you made it easy by helping with getting SSI"- Terry K.

"Excellent firm. Katherine L Niven reassured me many times when I was having my most difficult times."- Cynthia E.

"You took your time with me and answered all questions"- Don M.

"Everyone was very professional and helpful. Every time I called with a question, it was answered very quickly. I was always amazed that you knew the details of my case so thoroughly."- Marsha G.

"Every other firm had a dumb reason why they couldn't help me. You took care of my case and you won"- Michael M.

"I was very satisfied with the representation I received and have referred several people to your office already"- William G.

"You are a good law firm. You helped me get the results I was looking for"- Dave D.

"I immediately felt at ease. You were professional, kind, straightforward. You treated me with respect. Thank you."- Diane G.

"Your Associates seem to really have compassion for the clients. They take time and really listen"- Wanda F.

"Everyone I spoke with was kind and helpful in getting me through a stressful time"- Timothy S.

"I appreciate everything that was done for me, the quick return of phone calls and clear answers to questions. I feel I was treated with respect"- Timothy S.

"When I had a question, I was given a detailed answer and that made me feel confident about the representation"- Carol L.

"I was told by another law firm that I didn't have a chance and there was nothing they could do for me. Your firm not only took my case, you won my case for me! You gave me back not just hope but my life!"- Mr. H from Elizabethtown, PA

"I was treated with dignity and respect. Katherine's team does not take "no" for an answer. My family is grateful for services that her law firm provided."- Ms. R from Manchester, PA

"Fantastic follow through by Adam Crosier. The process was made less stressful and very comprehensive by Adam's attention to detail and knowledge of the subject matter. I have total confidence in the skill and commitment shown by this firm."- Ms. A from Auburn, PA

"I have been very pleased with your attorney's handling of my workers' compensation case. Victoria Edwards & Krystal MacIntyre are very professional in what they do. Both are exceptional attorneys."- Mr. R. from Bernville, PA

"I was treated like a person, not a number. Everyone knew their job and did it. Everything I was told was going to happen did. No surprises. Everyone was very polite, that means a lot to a person going through things they don't understand. Thank you for everything you and your team did for me."- Mr. J of Milroy, PA

"Whenever I called they always answered my questions and they were always nice. It's didn't take long for my case and they were always friendly."- Ms. B of Lebanon, PA

"Everyone was very polite and helpful, which helped alleviate some of my stress. You are polite, courteous and keep your client well informed."- Ms. B from Newburg, PA

"The firm made every attempt to obtain a favorable decision and made the process much less stressful for us."- Mr. H from Shoemakersville, PA

"Everyone was so nice every time I called and had questions. I don't know what I would have done without you all."- Ms. D from Reading, PA

"Your staff is a caring group and not just concerned about what settlement will come."- Ms. S from Elverson, PA

"The attorney that represented me was professional in every aspect, from their phone calls, sharing of information and even helping me understand the "Comp Process"."- Mr. B from Ephrata, PA

"Everyone at Marzzacco Niven & Associates was very professional and courteous."- Ms. L from Middletown, PA

"I could never thank all of you. I will recommend you to all my friends and family."- Ms. S of Dallastown, PA

"Thank you for being so diligent, kind and compassionate to our sister's mental and physical issues."- Ms. B and Ms. H of Harrisburg, PA

"Your staff is very knowledgeable and efficient. They also returned my calls promptly seeing how busy they are. All my questions were answered in a timely and professional manner. I was well-represented at my hearings."- Mr. G of Shartlesville, PA

"You were recommended to me by my financial services advisor, and I have already told them I would have no qualms about referring any other clients to your office."- Ms. E of Myerstown, PA

"Professional and empathetic. Response time was minimal."- Mr. W from Palmyra, PA

"I was referred by a former client (friend of a family member) who highly recommended your offices. I will certainly refer your firm and services without hesitation."- Mr. K from Reading, PA

"Courteous, compassionate, professional and helpful."- Mr. B from Reading, PA

"I am very thankful for Marzzacco Niven & Associates for the work on my Social Security case. I also wish I would have hired them for my workers' comp."- Ms. B from Lancaster, PA

"Your staff and you have been wonderful to deal with, in preparing documents and meeting court deadlines and in contacting me."- Mr. S from Harrisburg, PA

"When somebody has to deal with health problems and daily life issues, the last thing they need to deal with is battling Social Security. Your firm took all that pressure off of me."- Ms. G from Temple, PA

"We always felt very confident that you had our best interest at heart. Never once did we feel the need to question that at all."- Mr. and Ms. N from Lemoyne, PA

"Great client representation."- Mr. S from York, PA

"Found this experience to be stress free. This process was new to me and I found I felt confident with this firm."- Ms. S. from Bernville, PA

"I would absolutely recommend your practice as well as my attorney and his staff. They not only took an interest in my case, but they took interest in my personal welfare as well. Very caring."- Ms. S. from Macungie, PA

"You were very prepared and ready to go with many different angles with very little help from me. You knew more than I could ever remember, which is important when you hurt or bad things happen."- Ms. D from New Cumberland, PA

"Filing for disability has been a difficult thing for me to do and all who were involved in my case were aware of this. I was always treated kindly, with respect and as though anything I had to say was important."- Mr. B from Lewistown, PA

"After I called the office, Attorney Niven called me that day about my appeal and said she would take my case. She listened to me and was very friendly. When she found out I had been approved, she called me right away."- Ms. Charlene W. from Delta, PA

"I've heard stories of frustration based on promises. I think silently, "If only I could help." NOW I have a name and I can and have passed it on."- Ms. Valarie H. from Myerstown, PA

"The firm seemed to know what they were doing at all times even if I didn't."- Mr. Anthony W. from Denver, PA

"Wasn't pushed to make decisions. By answering questions, I felt like I made good decisions."- Mr. Stephen R. from Drumore, PA

"I have already mentioned to people, how easy it was to communicate with you."- Mr. Richard Q. from Reading, PA

"Your firm was very polite and easy to deal with. Any questions I had were responded to quickly and professionally."- Mr. George W. from Marysville, PA

"Your office did a wonderful job in representing me in my case. You don't have to improve anything. It's fine the way it is."- Mr. David C. from Reading, PA

"Thanks for being a support system for my husband and I and also giving me the courage to follow through in these tough times."- Mr. and Mrs. G. from Reading, PA

"You acknowledged my case and you won it."- Mr. Rigobert M. from Lancaster, PA

"Attorney Crosier was great. He had all the information together and presented it to the judge in a professional way. You all believed me about my condition and I thank you."- Ms. Kathleen R. from Bernville, PA

"This firm did its homework and did not allow some company to just take advantage of people because they thought they could get away with it. This firm gives honest and fair representation and keeps client informed on all issues that arise."- Mr. Philip R. from Denver, PA.

"There was nothing I saw that needs any improvement. Keep the good work up. People like me need people like you on our side. Thank you."- Mr. Wade M. from Railroad, PA

"I would like to say thank you for the legal representation you provided to me during the past year. Your demeanor has always been professional and I could not ask for any additional qualities in an attorney. I felt as though I was treated as a friend or a family member. I really appreciate your prompt responses to all inquiries, as telephone calls, e-mail, and letters were always returned within a day or less. You assisted in making a complex and stressful situation into a smoother process."- Mr. Michael R. from Denver, PA

"Professionalism rated 10+"

"Sincerity 10+"

"Hard-working 10+"

- Ms. Karen H. from Chambersburg, PA

"One of the most important things to us during our relationship with your firm was the easy access we had when we had questions. Someone always had an answer for us. That was very reassuring to us.
Everyone from the operator to Katherine, Victoria and Adam were so kind and knowledgeable as to each one of their respective jobs."- Mr. and Mrs. H. from Van Buren, AR

"I will let others know how hard you will work for them and how much you care."- Ms. Deanna T. from Stewartstown, PA

"I was very satisfied. All my questions were patiently answered and my best interest was #1 in everything to do with me and my case. I appreciated all the honesty and respect I received."- Ms. of York, PA

"Everyone worked very hard for me. I was kept very well informed of each and every step of the process. I knew what would happen and when it would happen. Very courteous and professional service. I was treated like family and wasn't left in the dark like so many other attorneys would do."- Mr. G. of Harrisburg, PA

"Your lawyers are relentless, and stuck with me no matter what."- Mr. K. of East Earl, PA

"I felt very confident that my future was being handled by confident and knowledgeable professionals and that everything that could be done was being done. Your firm I felt is truly passionate in helping people who have been taken advantage of and righting that wrong. Everything is explained and talked over with you so you understand what needs to be done."- Ms. B. of Mechanicsburg, PA

"The attorney actually cared and took time to listen to me."- Ms. M. of Harrisburg, PA

"Everyone was always very polite on the phone. They handled my case in a timely manner. Your firm always tried to answer my questions when I called. They seemed to care and kept my hopes up when I thought there was no hope. I would definitely recommend this firm."- Ms. T. of West Fairview, PA

"Your firm is very professional, prompt, keeps you up to date and offers expert advice and complete documentation, all with the feeling that you truly matter — just a firm with a friendly family feel! My phone calls were always promptly returned, no one was ever rude, I was always informed and my questions were always answered."- Ms. R. of Middleburg, PA

"At the onset I was attempting to take care of this myself. Everyone I had spoken with did it without attorneys. Then the paperwork deluge began. It was well worth it to not have to deal with the paperwork myself. I would recommend that regardless of their situation and no matter how many have done without attorneys, that they not go it alone. I was very satisfied, especially with your keeping me informed in a timely fashion."- Ms. R. of Lancaster, PA

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful people for taking my case and all the attention you put towards it. Your staff always treated me with dignity and respect. I want to thank you from my heart and tell you how much you folks mean to me and my family and even though I have been very sick at times, you folks were the light at the end of the tunnel. I will highly recommend you to all the people I know and pass on to them how much you have done for me."- Mr. V. of York, PA

"You did all the work! I had no worries."- Mr. B. of Newville, PA

"You did everything that needed to be done well and efficiently. You made the whole process easier and stress free for me."- Ms. K. of Ephrata, PA

"I had a small claim for Workers' Comp. But your firm treated me like I had a million dollars coming. I was always listened to and respected from secretaries to the lawyers. Thanks so much!"- Ms. V. of Harrisburg, PA

"I felt the firm had my bests interest at heart. The firm communicated well with me and got everything done in sufficient time. I feel this firm will fight for their clients 100%, not halfway."- Ms. T.

"The way I was treated, it was like I was the only case. They make sure that you understand everything. Everyone sticks by you from the start to the finish. They all make you feel comfortable and have all information you need. I cannot thank everyone enough!"- Ms. S.

"Nothing to improve on, my case was handled perfectly! I was treated as a person, not just another client, and my case was just as important to your office and those who worked on it as it was to me. Thank you for everything!"- Mr. K.

"You were all so helpful, thorough and didn't make me feel bad about having to do this."- Ms. M

"Your office was very fast at closing my case. I am very pleased with the way my case was handled."- Mr. S.

"Great communication. Answered all questions and kept me informed."- Mr. M.

"You people seem to care about your clients."- Ms. B.

"You are very good at taking care of your client."- Mr. E.

"I've already been spreading the news about the great job your firm did for me. I carry your name, address and phone number with me in case I should meet someone who also is struggling with a Social Security claim."- Ms. A.

"Prompt, courteous service."- Mr. S.

"Your firm provided service that my previous lawyer did not. Besides the favorable decision, I was provided with honest, helpful, knowledgeable friendly service from an outstanding lawyer. Always available to help whenever I had a question."- Mr. K.

"I appreciate your firm's knowledge, skills and your ability to impart them with compassion, patience and availability. Thank you to everyone who helped bring my case to a successful conclusion."- Mr. S

"I had a real sense of security by having your firm help me with my disability claim. I felt you could help me accomplish what I could not do by myself. With all my concerns or questions, you were forthright and prompt in answering me. Everyone was pleasant, professional and kind. I thank you for all your services and will recommend you to others."- Ms. G.