Workers' Compensation Concerns

If you have been injured and do not know your rights, please feel free to call Marzzacco Niven & Associates, for free advice.

If you are on workers' compensation and your medical bills are not being paid, we would be happy to help. Similarly, if you are on workers' compensation and the insurance carrier is either trying to stop your benefits or is talking to you about settling your case, please call before you make any decisions.

If you have an injury that is not being paid for and you want to proceed with a Claim Petition, it is best to be represented by an attorney in the workers' compensation hearing room. Workers' compensation is somewhat complicated, and in order to get the most money possible and have your medical issues fully addressed, we urge you to call so that we can discuss this.

It is also important, even though you are on workers' compensation, to consider Social Security Disability because there is a limited time period for getting benefits.

Discuss Your Case With A Qualified Pennsylvania Attorney

Contact Marzzacco Niven & Associates to discuss your workers' compensation concerns with a lawyer. Initial consultations are always free. You can reach us by phone at 717-260-3580 or toll free at 866-321-5340. You can also reach us via email.