Workers' Compensation Mediation

Mediation is a very important tool for settling a workers' compensation case. Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we represent injured workers in these matters.

In mediation, we will prepare a memorandum to the judge for you in which we set out what the case is about, why we think you deserve compensation and what we are asking for to settle the case. The lawyer for the insurance company will also prepare a memorandum explaining its position about why you should not receive benefits.

The judge will consider both sides and then meet with each party to see if we can all agree on the terms for settlement. This includes a lump sum settlement and usually addresses the medical treatment. The case is not settled unless both the insurance company and the workers' compensation injured party agree.

The workers' compensation judges are usually very helpful in settling cases. Founding attorney Katherine L. Niven's experience as a workers' compensation judge is also incredibly helpful in mediations because she knows what cases are worth and how to settle them successfully.

Very few of our cases go to decision because we accomplish what we set out to do in the mediation process. Again, mediations are voluntary and are not binding unless both parties agree.

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