Workers' Compensation Settlement

Since the last changes in the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, workers' compensation settlements have become increasingly common. Most people do not stay on workers' compensation for many years as may have happened in the past. This is because the insurance companies are much more aggressive about litigating against claimants. Also, the view of most workers' compensation judges is that people should either eventually go back to work or, in serious cases, go on to Social Security Disability.

Workers' compensation settlements are complex and involve getting the correct amount of money for you as well as addressing the issues of child support owed, if any; Social Security disability offset language, which is crucial; medical expenses paid and under what circumstances medical treatment will continue; and many other issues, including stoppage of work.

In the past, Katherine L. Niven used her experience as a Former Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Judge
to help you with your workers compensation settlements. This practice continues now through current worker's compensation lawyers, Adam Crosier and Jesse Rhodeside, who
know how to successfully negotiate your case to get you the best possible settlement.

It is also worthwhile to note that the money that you receive from a settlement is tax-free.

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