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You Can Appeal If Social Security Denies Your Disability Application

As a result of a serious injury that happened while you were at work, you decided to apply for Social Security Disability to help you get by until you are able to work again. You took the time to research the application process and filled out the application online according to the instructions on the Social Security website.

Although you thought you answered everything fully and correctly, the Social Security Administration (SSA) just notified you that your claim was denied. Do you have any options?

You do. You are entitled to appeal the denial and seek assistance from an attorney to help you work through the appeal process. Because you completed the initial application yourself, you probably need help from an independent party. An attorney experienced in handling these appeals can:

  • Explain the differences in the four types of appeals, including reconsideration, hearing in front of an administrative law judge, review by the appeals council and federal court review.
  • Review your initial application and the denial letter from the SSA to uncover the reason(s) why your claim was denied.
  • Ensure that you comply with the timing requirements, such as the 60-day limit for filing an appeal.
  • Represent you if a hearing is necessary to get your claim approved.

A lot is at stake and you’ve already been denied once, so why not get help in preparing your appeal? Call a Pennsylvania Social Security Disability law firm right away to increase the odds of reversing the initial denial of your claim.


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