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Back injuries most common workplace injury

Workplace injuries can result in short-term and long-term complications for employees. There are many different types of workplace injuries, but back injuries are the most common work-related injury in the United States.

Back injuries can be very painful and even result in disabilities. Workers should know that many different types of occupations and tasks increase the risk of suffering a back injury. Back injuries can make life very difficult and painful for workers, which is why it is important to understand your risks in the workplace and what steps to take to reduce injuries.

What causes back injuries? Common tasks like lifting and moving objects can result in serious back injuries, along with falls and other types of accidents. Specifically, back injuries can be caused by lifting an object that is too heavy, improper lifting technique and not using protective equipment to reduce the strain on your body while performing a task.

Workers should be aware of the common causes of back injuries and how to prevent them. This means that employers need to train and educate their workers on hazards in the workplace, and the ways they can reduce the risk of back injuries. Employers should also provide workers with protective equipment such as a back support to reduce the risk of back injuries at work.

Back injuries can lead to lifelong complications and pain for workers. Many workers’ compensation claims result from back injuries in the workplace, showing just how prevalent back injuries are in the American workplace. Workers should know they can file a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania after suffering a back injury, which can help them pay for medical costs and treatment as well as lost wages.

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