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Fatalities in cellphone tower industry worries OSHA

The construction industry is riddled with safety hazards. Workers in the cellphone tower industry face several hazards while working and it appears that these hazards have started to pose serious risks. 

There were 13 fatalities for cellphone tower workers in 2013. While this number may not seem high, the increase in fatalities in one year has led to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration warning employers about the dangers in the tower industry and the importance of taking steps to prevent injuries and deaths. 

The increase in communication and cellphone tower work is a big factor in the increase of fatalities in the tower industry. Cellphone companies are working hard to update their service, but the push to upgrade their cellphone towers may be putting workers lives at risk. 

OSHA said that all of the fatal accidents were preventable. Many of the cellphone tower deaths were caused by falls, which are preventable but still a common work accident in the construction industry. 

OSHA said employers need to make sure workers receive proper training as well as receive fall protection equipment to prevent accidents and fatal injuries. Falls are not uncommon in the construction industry despite being preventable. Tower workers and other construction workers are supposed to be trained on how to prevent falls and safety equipment needs to be provided to protect workers from accidents and injuries. 

Construction workers who are injured by falls should look into applying for workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania to help pay for lost wages as well as pay for any medical treatment and rehabilitation. 

Source: EHS Today, “OSHA Urges Tower Employers to Protect Workers After Recent Spate of Fatalities,” Josh Cable, Feb. 18, 2014


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