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Worker loses arm in Washington County factory accident

Pennsylvania's industrial workers know that manufacturing plants can be dangerous with plenty of hazards to workers' safety. Although many employers do their best to ensure that all safety measures are taken to prevent accidents and injuries in their workplaces, every now and then a worker is injured in an industrial accident.

Maintenance worker suffers burns in Pennsylvania factory

Pennsylvania workers know that on-the-job injuries typically mean a worker can file for workers' compensation benefits. If a workplace accident is a result of negligence on the part of someone other than the employer, then the victim can also pursue a personal injury claim against that party.

Workplace accidents jump after Daylight Savings Time

Most Pennsylvania residents have internal clocks that help them regulate when they should go to sleep and when it is time to get up. Some people are so reliant on their abilities to judge time that they do not even need alarms to get themselves up and off to work on time. However, there is one time of year that researchers have found to be particularly difficult on workers all across America.

Pennsylvania coal, oil workers face many risks

Coal mining and natural gas drilling operations are very common in Pennsylvania. There are more than 43,000 active gas wells in the state, along with 39 underground mines and 377 surface mining sites in Pennsylvania, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. These sites require many workers who put their lives at risk every day on-the-job.

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