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Maintenance worker suffers burns in Pennsylvania factory

Pennsylvania workers know that on-the-job injuries typically mean a worker can file for workers’ compensation benefits. If a workplace accident is a result of negligence on the part of someone other than the employer, then the victim can also pursue a personal injury claim against that party.

Recently, a maintenance worker suffered burns in an accident at an industrial plant in Erie. According to the man’s coworkers, he was burned while he was servicing a piece of equipment when a flash fire erupted in the factory and sent workers fleeing from the building.

The Erie Fire Department Deputy Chief said that the victim was apparently on top of the machine when he was burned. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and then transferred to the burn unit. The victim was reportedly in critical condition.

According to Pennsylvania’s Social Security Disability Benefits program, burns are classified as soft tissue injuries. Victims suffering burns from a work accident can seek benefits to cover the period when tissues are undergoing treatment so they can be restored to functional use. If the victim remains disabled for more than 12 months after treatment has been completed, then he or she can seek additional benefits.

A workplace accident can easily change a victim’s life for a significant length of time. The victim can lose not only money for medical treatment but also wages. Family members can also be affected emotionally and financially by the accident.

Consulting with a profession experienced in worker’ compensation is probably the best course of action. This will ensure that a victim will be rightfully compensated for his or her injuries. This will usually pay for medical care that will allow the worker to resume his or her normal life after recovering from injuries.

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