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Fireman injured in workplace accident in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, residents would agree that firefighting is undoubtedly one of the most risky jobs performed by any worker. In a recent workplace accident, a Pennsylvania firefighter was injured while putting out a swift-moving Carbondale house fire.

According to reports, firefighters received mid-morning notification of a fire blazing in a home. Upon arrival, firefighters found the house to be engulfed in flames and thick smoke. One of the firefighters was connecting a hose when the pipe coupling came off and struck him hard on the face, near his right eye. Reports stated that the active hose line and the subsequent push of water into the hose line were responsible for the workplace accident.

Firefighters reported that the smoky fire was blazing on the building’s first floor and quickly spread to the second floor. The cause of the fireman’s facial injury is being termed “accidental” and purely a misfortune. An electrical issue allegedly was the cause of the fire. The fire was extinguished as quickly as possible, but the home still suffered heavy fire and water damage. The injured worker has been released from the hospital, but he will be unable to report for duty at the firehouse for an unspecified period of time.

An unexpected workplace accident can deal a significant blow to a worker’s life. Workers lose time at work for treatment and recovery and suffer additional financial losses due to treatment costs and other medical expenses. The victim’s family members often suffer financially and emotionally, as well, as a result of workplace accidents. When injured on the job, the best thing to do is to immediately consult an experienced workers’ compensation legal professional who can ensure rightful compensation for the worker’s injury and recovery and proper support for his or her family.

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