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Overturned equipment injures worker in Port Richmond

Construction is an inherently dangerous job and Pennsylvanians who work in these trades often face harsh workplace conditions, making an accident an ever-present threat. Although most employers are diligent in trying to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites, construction accidents can and do occur every week.

In a recent early morning accident at a recycling facility in Port Richmond, a 48-year-old construction worker was injured when the excavator he was operating overturned. Rescue workers had to work for several minutes before they could free the worker trapped in the excavator’s operating cabin. The man was rushed to Temple University Hospital with injuries to his head and neck. There have been no further reports on his condition or the extent of his injuries.

The accident is under investigation.

In the event a worker is injured in a workplace accident in Pennsylvania, guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act determine the amount of compensation that will be granted to workers injured on the job. The benefits vary from case to case and often require substantial documentation of injuries and treatments in order to receive an award. The usual compensation includes medical benefits, temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, specific loss or disfigurement benefits and death benefits.

Whenever workers are injured on the job, the impact is felt not only by the victims, but also by their families, especially when victims are the sole breadwinners for their families. In addition to emotional trauma, an accident can easily deplete the financial resources of a family; obtaining compensation becomes critical for these victims and their families.

Most victims of workplace accidents find it extremely helpful to at least consult with an attorney who knows and understands Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws. Doing to makes it more likely a worker will be rightfully compensated.

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