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Adjacent building’s debris hurt Philadelphia construction workers

Extensive precautionary measures have not been able to prevent all injuries to construction workers across the United States and in Pennsylvania. Recently, two demolition workers were injured in a construction accident that occurred in North Philadelphia on April 29 of this year. According to a city fire captain, a portion of an adjacent building fell when the men were standing at the site of a three-story house being torn down. The fire captain added that the workers were not struck from debris that fell from the row house that was being demolished. The house is located at Diamond Street and owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Both workers were struck by bricks and were taken to a local hospital for treatment and observation. Fortunately, the injuries were not life-threatening. A director in the emergency services division of the city’s Licenses & Inspections Department said that the contractor hired to tear down the house was following all applicable regulations.

When such accidents occur, construction workers are often left to deal with medical expenses, missed work and a family that is often traumatized. Fortunately, under Pennsylvania law workers injured in a construction site accident are entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits. The benefits provide compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and temporary and permanent disability.

In a workers’ compensation case it is not necessary to prove the employer was at fault in the accident. If, however, the negligence of a third party on the job site was a cause, the injured worker may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against that party and recover additional damages.

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