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One injured in Pennsylvania workplace accident

Every Pennsylvania resident who goes to work has an intention to make a livelihood. Taking care of family members and loved ones is the most important priorities for them. Most people follow all the safety rules to ensure that they are safe and healthy. However, accidents at work can injure the person and, sometimes, even cause permanent disability. This can severely affect the person’s future and financial conditions.

Recently, an explosion at a wax plant in Pennsylvania injured one worker. According to sources, accidental causes led to the incident. The blast occurred at the plant’s filter house. The filter house was damaged, a small building was destroyed and five other buildings were affected.

This wax plant operates 24 hours per day and has almost 130 employees. One employee of the plant was injured in the workplace accident. The person was treated for injuries and released.

Investigation was carried out by fire marshals, including five police officials from Pennsylvania and four from Pittsburgh. Their report showed the place of origination of the blast, but did not state the cause of the explosion.

The parent company of this wax plant is based in Ontario. The spokesperson of the company stated that the operations are in assessment mode. She denied that the petroleum based waxes, produced by the plant, were flammable. An area fire official who was questioned on the emergency drills did not state if the rehearsed emergency drills and plans were followed on the day of the incident.

While it is fortunate that the accident did not result in any fatality, the injured may need medical attention and may also not be able to work for some time. This can cause financial loss to the employee. However, the employee has certain rights in Pennsylvania, which enable him right to medical treatment and workers’ compensation.

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