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Amazon employee killed in Pennsylvania warehouse accident

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents are extremely common across the entire United States. Sometimes, they occur when they are least expected. However, if a workplace accident does occur, it is the right of the worker to collect workers’ compensation benefits in order to make it easier to live financially. If the worker unfortunately dies, the family also has the right to compensation. Authorities are investigating the death of a 52-year-old Amazon employee at a Pennsylvania warehouse on Sunday. The Harrisburg Area Occupational Safety and Health Administration office is investigating the workplace accident to piece the puzzle together.

OSHA officials say the woman sustained multiple traumatic injuries after driving a pallet truck into shelves in the warehouse. In a press release, the company that owns the warehouse extended their prayers and thoughts to the deceased’s family and friends. The company also said that it was actively looking into the matter and aiding OSHA in the investigation process of the tragedy.

A prompt investigation is undertaken by OSHA whenever there is a report of workplace injuries or a fatality. In a typical investigation, officials find out if the employer was in violation of any of OSHA’s standards of safety. If the findings allocate fault to the employer, prompt action is taken against the employer. The investigation typically entails interviewing workers and management, taking videos and photos and collecting other information that can assist. An investigation can easily take months.

In instances of a workplace accident, the injured worker or the family members of the deceased may seek the legal aid of an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance in filing workers’ compensation claims.

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