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Workers involved in fatal road accident in Pennsylvania

Any traveler driving on roads has noticed road blocks or lanes closed for maintenance. The workers do their work in the designated areas with the belief that they will be safe. At the same time, every person who does roadway maintenance work understands that their job is dangerous.

The Pennsylvania Governor and first lady recently stated that the workers who keep the transportation system running smoothly are sometimes ignored. They acknowledged that these workers make various contributions while keeping the bridges and roads safe. The Governor said that motorists should be aware of people working on the roads and should remember that the construction zones are workplaces.

This statement came after a recent workplace accident that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A crew was engaged in maintenance work of a roadway when a tractor trailer entered the closed roadway and struck two of the employees. One of the workers, a maintenance foreman, suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital and was released after treatment.

The other worker, an equipment operator, succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. The equipment operator is survived by his wife and child. They will likely face various hardships including loss of companionship, financial problems and other related losses and damages. Filing for workers’ compensation could significantly help the loved ones of the deceased worker.

While it is the duty of every motorist on the road to ensure safety of other people, including people working on the roads, it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the workplace conditions are safe. The workers injured on job or the family of workers who pass away due to workplace accidents may claim damages from the employer. As law related to workers compensation is complicated, they should seek advice of a legal professional to claim a fair compensation for their loss.

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