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Workplace injuries are not uncommon in Pennsylvania

Every state in America, including Pennsylvania, has laws relating to worker safety and the duty to maintain safe workplaces. Employers are expected to provide safe working conditions to their workers. If any safety hazard is present in the industry, the worker may report it to the employer, as well as federal and state authorities.

Most workers go to work believing that they will be safe. However, accidents in the workplace are not uncommon and workers often get injured on the job. Recently, a worker was injured in an industrial accident. According to reports, the worker was involved in an accident at a manufacturing facility in another state. According to the local fire department, the industrial accident caused non-life threatening injuries to the worker’s hand. The fire department officials stated that they reached the aluminum plant in response to a call and saw that the worker was conscious and talking in the first aid room. The captain of the fire department did not give further details on the injury.

Every person has a right to be safe at the workplace. In Pennsylvania, an injured worker has various rights and can claim compensation from the employer for the injuries. The person may also claim medical benefits, disability benefits, disfigurement benefits and even death benefits. The worker can claim any medical expenses that are related to the workplace injury if the doctor considers them necessary for treatment. Also, the worker is entitled to claim two-thirds of the weekly wages from the employer if the person cannot work due to the injury.

To claim damages from the negligent employer, the injured worker will have to understand the cause of the accident. The worker has to identify all the benefits available under the law to make sure that fair compensation is received.

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