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Explosion causes one worker’s death and injures eight others

Many people like to work for companies that are well known throughout the world. However, even these sites are not free from dangerous accidents that can cause injuries or even deaths. Residents of Pennsylvania may have heard about an industrial accident at an automaker’s facility that caused the death of a worker and injured another eight people.

According to the company’s website, the General Motors facility, which is based in Indiana, employs more than 1600 people and supplies stampings, blanks and sheet-metal assembly for vehicles manufactured by the automaker. A chemical explosion at this facility caused the death of a contract team member and injured eight others. The spokesman for GM stated that the employees were evacuated and that emergency personnel and the fire department responded quickly to the incident. An investigation is ongoing.

The worker who died in the factory explosion was an employee of a specialty chemicals company based in Pennsylvania. The maker of specialty chemicals stated that it will work with government agencies and the automaker to find the cause of the incident. The eight people injured were transported to a hospital. According to reports, four of them suffered non-life threatening injuries and were hospitalized, while the other four did not require treatment.

A worker injured in a factory accident has certain rights available to them under the state laws. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides various benefits to an injured worker. However, getting these benefits may not be simple and the person may have to make compelling arguments to prove that the accident caused losses. The worker may also claim compensation for disfigurement benefits, disability benefits, medical benefits and even death benefits from a negligent employer.

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