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Farm worker severely injured in workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Every year, workers are injured on the job in Pennsylvania. They may be working at a construction site, a factory or even a farm. While injuries and accidents continue to occur in many industries, some are considered more dangerous than the others. According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the United States. Every year, many farm workers suffer injuries while working. One of the most recent workplace accidents occurred in Waterford when a worker got entangled in farming machinery.

According to sources, two men were cleaning old corn from a storage tower that was almost empty. While they were working, a nearby grain auger was still running and the man got entangled in this machinery. His coworker shut-off the machinery using an emergency button and called emergency services.

The emergency crews took immediate action to control the man’s bleeding, when they arrived. The machinery was then dismantled, and the worker was removed from the equipment. He was immediately airlifted to UPMC Hamot.

The man then underwent surgery for partial and full leg and arm amputations. He was also treated for internal and external injuries caused by the work accident. The Stancliff Hose Company Assistant Fire Chief stated that the man was stable, but he probably will have to undergo more surgeries.

Any worker who suffers injuries because of an accident on the job has the right to receive medical treatment. The worker can also choose a doctor after 90 days of treatment. If surgery is needed, the worker can choose a surgeon within the first 90 days. The victim can also claim workers’ compensation from the employer, and the worker has the right to receive the compensation, once the claim is accepted.

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