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Scaffolding collapse injures two workers in Pennsylvania

Readers are aware that scaffolding is used to support material and people while carrying out construction work. This method has been used for many years in order to help people work at various levels on a building. However, if not properly installed, a scaffolding accident may occur resulting in injuries. A scaffolding collapse in Pennsylvania recently caused injuries to two construction workers and damaged two cars.

According to sources, workers were working at a construction site for an upcoming hotel in East Liberty, Pennsylvania. Two construction workers were on a skylift, which is similar to scaffolding. When the skylift was almost two stories up on the proposed hotel, it fell down. It landed on two cars, one of which was parked; the other was moving. Both the vehicles were occupied, but no one was seriously injured.

One of the drivers stated that he noticed a worker start to fall from the scaffolding. He said that the scaffolding suddenly fell sideways onto the hood of his car and he believes it was tilting before it fell. The construction workers on the skylift were alert and conscious when the paramedics arrived at the scene and were transported to the hospital. Authorities believe that they may have received bruises, broken bones and other injuries.

The construction accident caused mortar, brick and other debris to scatter across the street and sidewalk, leading the police to close the intersection at Penn Avenue and North Highland Avenue. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the cause of the construction accident.

As construction accidents may lead to serious injuries, workers should be aware that the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides them with various benefits. The injured workers can claim medical benefits, disability benefits and, if the accident causes fatalities, the victim’s family may also claim death benefits from their employers. However, claiming a correct compensation may not be easy and the injured workers may need compelling arguments in order to claim damages.

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