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Steelworker injured in Pennsylvania construction accident

Many people can get injured while on the job at a construction site. The injury may be due to a scaffolding collapse, crane accident or a defective power tool. Recently, a steelworker was injured while working at Lehigh Valley Industrial Park VI in Pennsylvania.

According to sources, the worker was on the roof of a warehouse, which was under construction. He was using a pneumatic nail gun, which drives nails through steel. The nail gun malfunctioned, causing a piston to come out of it and hit the worker’s shoulder. The township police state that the worker was not struck by a nail. The worker was transported by ambulance to St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill with non-life threatening injuries.

An emergency broadcast showed that the worker was unconscious after the accident; however, the police stated that they could not confirm if the worker was still conscious or not. He stated that the rescuers had originally found the worker conscious and alert. It was also determined that the injured worker was employed by a subcontractor.

General and sub-contractors, as well as other employers, have to provide safe working conditions for their workers. They also have a duty to warn the workers of any dangers involved in the work. Every person who is involved in a construction project is required to carry insurance and workers’ compensation. While assessing who is responsible for an injury that occurs on the job at a construction site, the insurance coverage of each party will be taken into account.

In the event of a construction accident, the law enables an injured worker to claim compensation from the employers for the injuries, including medical expenses and lost wages. This applies to contractors and subcontractors. They may also wish to take the advice of a professional to understand the relevant laws under which such a claim can be filed, to ensure fair and reasonable compensation for the injuries.

Source:, “Steelworker hurt when air gun malfunctions at Bethlehem Township, Pa., work site,” Jim Deegan, Aug.18, 2014

Source:, “Steelworker hurt when air gun malfunctions at Bethlehem Township, Pa., work site,” Jim Deegan, Aug.18, 2014


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