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Safety at workplace can help prevent industrial accidents

Many people from Pennsylvania understand the various risks that workers of the oil and coal industry face. Because oil and coal are natural resources, they are often found in unfriendly environments; additionally, mining accidents, spills and blowouts are not uncommon. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and other authorities have established various laws that ensure the safety of the workers.

Data from the Department of Environmental Protection show that in Pennsylvania, there are more than 43,000 active gas wells, 377 surface mining sites and 39 underground mines. At each site, there are many workers taking innumerable safety precautions to protect themselves from being injured.

Despite taking all possible safety precautions, a worker may be involved in an accident because the person was not trained properly on how to handle the work-related risks or the person was not aware of the workplace hazard. As mentioned in our blog on industrial accidents, it is the right of every worker to become educated about the risks in the workplace while employed in the industry and it is the obligation of every employer to train the workers on safety mechanisms and strict safety procedures. If the employer fails to follow those obligations, the worker is entitled to the filing of a complaint with OSHA.

If any worker is injured in a workplace accident, the person can claim compensation from the negligent employer under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act. To understand more about the rights of the workers injured in workplace accidents or the rights of the surviving spouse of a worker, please visit our workers compensation webpage. The information will prove valuable.

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