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Workers injured in partial building collapse in Pennsylvania

Workers expect that their workplaces are safe from danger. Or, if the work conditions are known to be dangerous, the workers believe that the safety mechanisms at work, including the equipment and training provided to them, will ensure that they are not at risk for injuries in the event of a workplace accident. However, accidents do occur in workplaces sometimes. Recently, two workers were injured in Pennsylvania after a heavy wall fell on top of them.

According to reports, the workers were involved in a demolition project when a heavy wall fell on them. They were standing on scaffold during the incident. A person who lives next door to the building heard a noise. Upon checking out the source of the noise, he discovered that one worker was trapped in an elevator shaft and that all of the wood and rubble was on top of him. He assumed that the worker had fallen three stories.

The neighbor also mentioned that the worker’s face was bloody and swollen and that his right eye was closed. He also said that he was not sure about the worker’s legs as they were not visible. The rescuers were not able to get the rubble off of the injured worker initially. However, the rescue crew eventually removed him. The worker suffered lacerations to his head and was transported to a hospital. The police stated that he is in stable condition.

If a worker is injured, that person may wish to attempt to claim compensation from insurance companies. Sometimes, it does seem that the insurance company has the upper hand in such matters; however, that may not be true. Injured workers who are in need of medical attention have certain rights that they can exercise. Those rights ensure that the workers get timely medical attention and they can also take legal action if the insurance companies deprive them workers’ compensation benefits.

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