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Electrical accident causes construction worker’s death

Working on any kind of construction-related activity can involve a certain degree of risk. Thus, not only are construction workers required to adhere to safety standards while at work, they are also eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an accident. Given that workers may be assigned to various tasks, the dangers to which they may be exposed also vary. Sadly, some of these can prove to be fatal.

In a recent construction accident in Havertown, Pennsylvania, one roofer was killed and another critically wounded when a ladder they were trying to install came in contact with electricity cables located nearby. The injured worker was removed from the scene prior to being transported by air to a hospital. The incident resulted in a temporary loss of electric power to the area, so that a safety inspection and investigation could take place. Police have yet to determine the circumstances in which the ladder touched the wires.

The unfortunate accident brings to light some aspects of worker safety that seem to have been overlooked. For instance, in general there are times when the risk of electrocution or even electric shock is overlooked. In these situations, it is possible that the injured person’s employer did not provide an accurate description of the task or appropriate protective gear and thus left the employee exposed to danger.

Per workers’ compensation laws, the families of workers killed while on the job are entitled to seek benefits related to the loss of wages, medical expenses and also death benefits. This may, at least, go a long way to reduce the pain and suffering of the bereaved.

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