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Pennsylvania-based train company sued over workplace accident

Residents of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, know that preventing workplace accidents is one of the major concerns of authorities across the nation and that strict implementation of laws relating to worker safety is paramount. However, history provides instances where some employers failed to pay attention to worker safety, which resulted in avoidable on-site accidents and worker injury.

Serious injuries to a worker can severely affect their family’s emotional and physical health. And the family’s financial condition could be further affected if a workplace accident results in permanent disability.

Recently, an Amtrak employee alleged that due to negligence of site management, a train struck him while he was working on a company train track. The lawsuit seeks damages exceeding $150,000 against the Philadelphia-based Amtrak.

Filing under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, the worker claimed that Amtrak was negligent by allowing a hazardous condition to exist at the time of the accident. The employee suffered severe internal and external bodily injuries as a result of being struck by the train. These injuries have drastically limited his earning potential and his medical expenses continue to rise.

The employee’s lawsuit alleges that safety protocols were not followed while the employee was operating equipment on the railroad track. According to the employee’s complaint, the required safety briefing was omitted before work started on a live track. He also alleged that the site managers were conversing at the time of the accident and failed to sound an audible warning and physical signal indicating a train was approaching.

The lawsuit also questions the lack of safety guidelines and required and current safety training certification of on-site management. The worker says the watchman was also not suitably equipped to perform his duties.

A Pennsylvania worker injured on the job has a legal right to seek compensation from responsible parties for serious injuries, permanent disability, medical expenses and lost wages. Since workplace accident cases involve many intricate legal issues, a worker or their family may seek the services of a workers compensation or personal injury attorney to help them seek compensation from the negligent party.

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