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What to do when a workplace injury occurs in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

In the United States, strict laws are in place on federal and state levels to prevent workplace injuries. But unfortunately, accidents still occur and workers get injured in these accidents. Residents of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, agree that a serious injury at a workplace can have a huge impact on a victim and their family, both emotionally and financially. The situation only gets worse in the event that serious injury leads to permanent disability or death.

A worker and their family have legal rights that allow them to seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages from the responsible party for serious injuries and death. Pennsylvania laws are designed in a way to help those injured on the job. However, in the event of workplace accidents that result in serious injuries or death, a worker or their family may need the services of an experienced lawyer to seek compensation.

As employers are generally reluctant to accept their fault and pay rightful damages, a worker must consult an attorney as soon as possible in the event of a serious workplace injury. The Law Offices of Katherine L. Niven & Associates represent all types of victims of workplace accidents and work toward getting their clients the maximum possible compensation.

Our firm has dedicated lawyers who always work in the best interest of injured workers and their families until the conclusion of the case. Our firm also helps our clients qualify for Social Security Disability in the event a worker suffers a permanent disability. We also help injured workers find out if they are entitled to other compensation in addition to workers’ compensation.


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