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Pennsylvania safety standards can reduce workplace accidents

Pennsylvania slip and fall incidences constitute a major portion of workplace accidents. For example, an employee can fall when he or she is simply walking or climbing a ladder to fix a light. A workplace accident could also take place after a chain reaction of events that ends with a worker suffering serious injury by falling from a considerable height to the ground.

According to statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics a few years ago, more than 600 laborers in Pennsylvania and across the United States died after workplace accidents. An additional 210,000 were injured by slip and fall accidents.

The construction industry has witnessed the highest level of workplace accidents. The highest number of non-fatal injuries happen in healthcare and retail settings. Some industries are particularly vulnerable to workplace accidents, such as the building cleaning, transportation, maintenance and healthcare support industries.

Some circumstances that trigger workplace accidents are slippery, unstable work surfaces, floor holes and wall openings and ladders positioned unsafely. Federal law provides measures on how to prevent workplace accidents. However, it may be apparent that some industries do not follow the rules, due to the resulting number of slips and falls that are recurrent in many industries.

After an injury, a worker should be treated medically, and this is usually when financial loss is incurred. The time a worker is unable to return to work and the medical costs associated with workplace accidents are also estimated to have cost employers billions of dollars over the years. Grappling with the workplace safety and accidents is a challenge for industries worldwide.

To bring down the number of workplace accidents, consistent promotion and adherence to safety rules and safe work practices is paramount to reducing accidents across all industries. Nonetheless, for victims of workplace accidents, a consultation with an attorney may be helpful.

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