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Trench collapse traps Pennsylvania construction worker for hours

Some people may not be aware of the perils of construction work in Pennsylvania and across the United States. In fact, construction is often considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs of all. Because of the dangers of construction work, various federal and state agencies have been spreading awareness about construction safety. After all, construction, despite its dangers, is an integral part of infrastructure development. However, despite safety measures, lapses occur and, sometimes, there is a report of a construction accident.

A recent construction accident near Pittsburgh may interest many residents in Harrisburg, especially those who are associated with the construction industry. According to news reports, a construction worker fell into a trench and was trapped up to the waist for more than two hours before he was finally rescued by 50 members of a team of firefighters and rescue workers with equipment. The worker got trapped in the trench after a wall partially collapsed, trapping the worker nearly 10 feet inside the trench.

After the rescue, the worker was transported by helicopter to a trauma hospital for the injuries suffered in the construction accident. The worker was reportedly hurt, but is in stable condition. According to news reports, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the incident. According to OSHA’s records, the injured worker’s employer has a history of violations. The company was cited for “serious” safety violations and one “repeat” violation in 2013 alone.

According to Pennsylvania law, a construction accident victim is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits include wage replacement, medical expenses and reimbursement for certain other expenses.

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