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How outreach training programs help construction workers

Construction workers are in danger of injuries and accidents in the workplace. In some cases, construction workers might be fatally injured in a workplace accident. The employer is obligated to give workers’ compensation to the employee in the event of an accident in the workplace or during the time that the employee is working, whether that person is in the workplace or somewhere else off-site.

While the laws are comprehensive, many construction workers and their families may not be aware of their various legal rights. In many cases, the injured worker and the worker’s family may decide to consult an attorney to explore their legal options in that particular situation.

However, even if certain laws are enforced, if the public is unaware of their existence, they don’t have any meaning. Thus, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration has taken the initiative to help all construction workers by creating an outreach training program that helps to educate construction workers regarding their rights and duties under the existing labor laws.

The training program also educates construction workers regarding the identification and prevention of unsafe working conditions. The program also teaches construction workers various ways to prevent workplace accidents from occurring.

All such outreach programs initiated by OSHA have a trainer who has been educated in courses initiated by OSHA. Such trainers also conduct safety and health classes for all construction workers. All trainers who have completed their training courses have to document all of the training that they give to the construction workers through the outreach program and report it to the Authorizing Training Organization. All construction workers who complete the outreach training program are issued a student course completion card, which states that they have successfully completed the training course.

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