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Lawyers can help obtain benefits after workplace injuries

Even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides strict guidelines to employers in order to prevent workplace injuries, many Pennsylvania workers suffer from disabling workplace injuries. Such injuries can often lead to years of recuperation, as well as total or partial disabilities that can be temporary or even permanent, depending on the nature and seriousness of the injury suffered during the course of employment.

There are several rights that are guaranteed to all Pennsylvania workers who suffer from workplace injuries or any injury suffered during the course of employment. The worker has the legal right to consult and receive due medical care and treatment for the injuries suffered during the course of employment. The worker is also entitled to receive any medical practitioner services after undergoing the prescribed medical treatment for 90 days. The same rule also applies to cases in which immediate surgery is needed to treat the workplace injuries.

Proving a case for workplace injuries can be a very difficult case for many workers. Employers, as well as insurance companies, often consult lawyers in order to prove that the injury was a pre-existing injury and was not suffered due to the work carried on by the injured worker. In some cases, the defense legal team consults medical experts in order to prove the case in a court of law.

In order to help with their case, workers, as well as their family members and dependents, often consult their own lawyers to help them obtain due compensation from the employer. Often, experienced lawyers consult their own medical experts and eyewitness reports in order to support the claim for compensation.


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