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The CSB’s role in preventing industrial workers’ accidents

The Federal Chemical Safety Board in the United States is responsible for conducting investigations into chemical accidents that occur in factories. Such industrial workers’ accidents can cause severe injuries or even fatalities. Preventing such devastating accidents by regularly maintaining the chemical plants is thus a key responsibility of all employers in the industrial field.

When the CSB is informed of an industrial workers’ accident in a chemical plant, an investigation is ordered by the CSB. The investigation into the basic cause of the industrial workers’ accident would be ordered by the CSB if it so deems fit. The root causes to be investigated usually look into the basic faults that the factory management has made regarding the safety measures and regulations. The CSB may also look into other causes of the industrial workers’ accidents, including the failure of tools or equipment, workers’ errors or other inherent hazards that may have contributed to the accident.

However, the CSB does not have the authority to give punishments, penalties or citations for the industrial workers’ accidents. Instead, the CSB gives the details of their investigative reports to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency, who then look into the matter.

In many cases, the workers injured on the job get more information about their legal rights in order to understand the various procedures involved in filing a claim to the CSB. The investigators, after thoroughly checking all the evidence at hand, might take evidence of the workers, as well as the employers and even government bodies, in order to compile a complete investigative report.

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