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Pennsylvanian construction workers’ safety

It is a well-established fact throughout Pennsylvania that construction workers are very vulnerable to workplace accidents. Construction workers often work in accident-prone areas, like highways and roads, while maintaining and rebuilding the basic infrastructure of the state.

Slip and falls can lead to fractures and internal and external bleeding, as well as other serious injuries for construction workers. The attorneys at Katherine L. Niven & Associates, P.C., have helped many construction workers and their loved ones get proper compensation from their employers to help them in rough times.

While traffic violations are a problem for anyone on the road, they can be especially threatening to construction workers who often work during the night on accident prone and ill-maintained roads. Pennsylvania authorities have repeatedly started various programs to raise public awareness of construction workers’ safety and to help reduce reckless accidents. Construction workers who suffer such injuries can choose to consult with experienced lawyers to initiate a lawsuit against a negligent driver that was responsible for a construction worker’s accident.

Recently, Pennsylvania authorities proposed a law that would install safety cameras in any construction zones that would rigorously monitor traffic. The new proposed measure is estimated to help reduce construction workers’ accidents. Anyone who is found guilty of speeding or any other kind of traffic violation in a construction zones can be fined $100.

Additionally, any driver who is cited for endangering construction workers with their reckless and dangerous driving could be fined $1000. An aggravated injury caused by a driver could also be fined $5,000. Drivers found guilty of such traffic violations in construction zones can also have their license suspended.


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