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Wage loss payments for Pennsylvania workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (the Act) assists all injured workers in the workplace to seek compensation from their employers. In some cases though, the worker might suffer from a temporary disability, and the doctor who the injured worker sees states that the worker can return to work after recovering. But, the worker is unable to return to the old position due to the partial disability. In that case, the worker is entitled to wage loss benefits under the Act.

Wage loss benefits are also given to workers who suffer from permanent total disability, which prevents the worker from looking for a job. The differential wages are calculated according to the Act, the wage loss suffered due to workplace injuries and the benefits that are given to the worker.

The worker might be entitled to specific wage-loss benefits, in cases where the worker loses a certain body part, such as a thumb, fingers or injuries to the head or hearing. Wage-loss benefits are typically given when the worker is unable to work for more than seven days due to the workplace injury. The benefits start from the eighth day after the worker stopped working. In a case where the worker is unable to work for more than two weeks, a retroactive wage-loss benefit might also be given for the first seven days of wage loss. Even a temporary compensation can be paid to the worker for as long as 90 days while the case for workers’ compensation is pending.

Time is sensitive when it comes to such claims because an expedient application may save the worker a lot of trouble. The worker or the accident victim’s loved ones may wish to consult a lawyer, who can explain the various benefits under the Act clearly and initiate a legal proceeding to recover wage losses that the person suffered as a result of the accident.

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