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Helping injured Pennsylvania workers seek compensation

Most Pennsylvania workers are aware that they have certain rights if they suffer injuries on the job. Although the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and various state agencies oversee the safety practices of various industries and require adherence to safety standards, this is not always enough to prevent accidents and injuries. Some of these injuries lead to both temporary and permanent disabilities, and oftentimes they require extensive medical treatment and long periods of recovery.

Compensation for workplace injuries includes medical treatment. The law also gives workers the right to choose the medical practitioners of their choice as long as treatment is sought within 90 days of an injury. Claims for compensation, once approved, can provide an injured worker with regular and timely payments. If an insurer refuses to pay or payments are irregular, a worker can also file a penalty petition against the insurer.

In fact, obtaining compensation for workplace injuries can turn out to be difficult if employers and insurers try to establish that the worker’s injuries existed before the accidents that supposedly caused them. They may rely on medical reports prepared by physicians in their hire to corroborate their claims, and they may also seek reports from their own eyewitnesses to contradict the facts of a worker’s claim.

At the law offices of Katherine L. Niven & Associates, PC, we are experienced in handling these types of cases. We attempt to help our clients obtain their rightful benefits and the timely medical treatment that can best help them recover.


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