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Worried about being fired for filing for workers’ compensation?

Suffering an injury in a workplace accident can be a scary situation for a number of reasons. First, the injury may require significant medical treatment. Or, perhaps the employee made a mistake that caused the accident to begin with and the employee is worried about the employer’s reaction. Then there are the financial concerns that come with the fact that an injured employee may not be able to return to work for quite a while and lost wages can be hard to replace.

However, one of the primary concerns that some people in Pennsylvania have is the fear of being fired from their job if they file a workers’ compensation claim. But, is this really a legitimate concern?

The fact is, employers are prohibited by law from firing an employee based solely on that person’s workers’ comp claim. But, does that mean the employee is safe from being fired from something else? Not necessarily. As many of our readers probably know, Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state. This means that employers can generally fire a worker for any reason, as long as the reason is not based on some type of illegal basis, such as discrimination. So, even though an employer can’t fire a worker simply because that employee files a workers’ compensation claim, there may be another reason to release the worker from employment.

At our law firm, we attempt to help workers understand whether they may be in danger of being fired based on a reason other than filing a workers’ compensation claim. Being prepared for an employer’s response to a workers’ compensation claim is important. For more information on how our law firm attempts to help workers who may find themselves in this type of situation, please visit our website.


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