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Five signs that you are working in a dangerous workplace

Under the law, employers have a duty to ensure that the workplace is free from unsafe conditions and hazards. However, how do you know if your workplace is unsafe or hazardous? The following are signs that you may be working in this type of workplace:

· Lack of training: Safety training is necessary to ensure a safe workplace in some jobs that require operating heavy machinery, handling hazardous materials, lifting heavy objects and other dangerous tasks. If your employer fails to provide the requisite safety training, you may be at an increased risk of having an accident and being injured.

· Missing safety equipment: It is less expensive for your employer to not provide you with sturdy and well-made gloves, goggles, helmets and other safety equipment. However, a failure to do so is a sure sign that you are more likely to be seriously injured during your job.

· Health issues: If you have developed health conditions during the course of your job, it could be an indicator that you are insufficiently protected against radiation, gas leaks, unsafe chemicals and other hazardous materials.

· Sick or injured coworkers: If several other workers are recovering from injuries or occupational illnesses, there may be a workplace safety issue.

· Malfunctioning equipment: If the equipment you are provided to do your job is broken or nonfunctional, it is likely a indicator that your workplace is unsafe.

Unfortunately, in the desire to save money, employers often cut corners when it comes to safety. Although this may be an effective strategy in the short run, it often proves more costly over the long term.

If you are injured during the course of your employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical bills and other losses. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.


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