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Can I recover workers’ compensation for repetitive stress injuries?

If you think about worker’s compensation, you may think that it is only available for injuries such as falls from ladders or loss of fingers in a machinery accident. Although these sudden injuries certainly qualify for workers’ compensation, what happens if you have spent years working your job and slowly develop injuries as a result? Fortunately, you may also qualify for compensation in this case.

About repetitive stress injuries

In fact, repetitive stress injuries (also called cumulative trauma injuries or repetitive motion injuries) are one of the leading types of workers’ compensation claims nationwide. If your job is on an assembly line, you are especially vulnerable to this type of injury. However, repetitive stress injuries can afflict office workers (and virtually any other type of worker) as well.

In Pennsylvania, in order to collect compensation for repetitive stress injuries, you need to show a causal connection between your injury and your job. For example, you may qualify for workers’ compensation if:

· Manual labor has caused you orthopedic pain

· You have developed carpel tunnel syndrome

· Your existing back injury was made worse by your job duties

· You have trouble breathing because of exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes

· A noisy workplace has caused hearing loss

· You have developed other injuries caused by years of hard work

If years on the job has caused you suffer from pain or injuries, it is important to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can listen to your situation and help you recover the compensation that you deserve under Pennsylvania law.


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