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Study compares outcomes of injured workers in 15 states

The Workers Compensation Research Institute has released the results of new studies that compare the outcomes injured workers have had when utilizing workers’ compensation across 15 states. The outcomes the studies examined included the recovery of physical health and function, earnings recovery, return to work, and the access and satisfaction with the medical treatment they received.

The goal is to collect information about what injured workers experienced while in the workers’ compensation system. The studies compared outcomes for 15 states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Here are a few of the results that were found from the studies.

— Pennsylvania: Workers reported that they had “big problems” getting the services they wanted.

— Michigan: Workers had lower-than typical rate of getting their desired medical services and of not achieving substantial return to work.

— Florida: Workers reported that they had higher rates of problems when it came to accessing desired services and providers, as well as a higher dissatisfaction rate with their overall medical care.

— Wisconsin: Workers reported higher rates of substantial return to work and satisfaction with medical care. In addition, they reported lower rates of problems when it came to accessing providers and services.

The not-for-profit research organization, WCRI, is located in Massachusetts and was founded in 1983. Its membership includes health care providers, state labor organizations, managed care companies, insurers, government entities, employers, and state administrative agencies.

If you have difficulties accessing medical care or services or your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, an experienced lawyer can help you get the treatment you need and file an appeal.

Source: Insurance Business America, “New workers’ comp study examines worker outcomes in 15 states,” Scot Kersgaard, June 01, 2016


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