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Avoiding three common workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Whether you work in an office making copies all day or you pursue a more physically strenuous career, workplace injuries can happen. It can be hard to imagine that a workplace injury can happen at a mundane day at the office and most people think workplace injury is a phenomenon reserved for high physical stress jobs. The truth is that it can happen in any workplace and the risk is always lingering. If you are injured on the job, you not only risk your physical health but your financial security, both of which can be difficult to recover from.

Since workplace injuries vary as much as the actual jobs themselves, it’s important to know what being injured at work looks like. A few of the more common workplace injuries include:

Slip and falls: This is very common and is not restrictive to a particular industry. Slips and falls can happen from wet and slippery floor, debris, or other objects causing a narrow walk way. You can end up straining or tearing a ligament which may even result in surgery. These injuries can be preventing by ensuring that all paths are clear of liquids or debris.

Being hit by an object: Objects like the extra printer paper on the highest shelf in the storage closet or the heavy materials on the third shelf in the factory have the potential to fall off of their shelf and hit you on the head or other places of your body. This can cause cuts and bruises of varying severity. Protect yourself from this type of injury by ensuring items are secured properly or by wearing a hard hat in construction areas.

Overworking your body: This is typical in physical jobs like construction or factory work where heavy lifting is a part of the gig. If you are lugging boxes and heavy materials around that are heavier than your body can handle, you can easily throw out your back, strain the muscles in your neck, or sprain a muscle in your upper body like your shoulders and upper back. To prevent this injury from happening, use proper lifting techniques or ask other employees to help you.

Workplace injury can be prevented by the employer as well as by you, the employee. It’s your employer’s job to ensure that you have a safe workplace that is equipped with the most up-to-date safety signs, materials, and precautions. However, you as the employee have to make sure you are using the safety measures provided by your employer. Staying aware, paying attention to Wet Floor signs, and never overexerting your body can help keep you safe while at work.

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