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Neck and back injuries: Qualifying for Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Workplace Illness

There are a variety of injuries that can make it impossible for you to continue working. If you have suffered a serious neck or back injury, you may not be able to work. Some of the most common injuries to the neck and back include:

— Whiplash

— Neck sprains or strains

— Fracture of the spine

— Pinched nerves

— Ruptured disks

There are injuries that can serious, long-lasting effects. From difficulty walking or standing to chronic pain to numbness in your extremities, these injuries can be debilitating.

There are specific categories of injuries and impairments used by Social Security to determine eligibility for benefits. Some other types of injuries that can qualify for disability include:

— Repetitive stress injuries

— Head injuries

— Burns

— Hearing loss

— And many more

It is important to file your disability claim correctly or a denial is likely. We can help your file your claim for benefits, even if your original claim has been denied. We understand that you are currently dealing with your medical issue and trying to deal with filing your disability claim may simply be too much. We also know that many claims are denied the first time they are submitted.

We are ready to help you seek the benefits you need. You can learn more about Social Security Disability benefits by visiting our page on the subject. If you were working and now are unable to because of an accident, you have a right to collect benefits for your disability. Let us give you the guidance you need.


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