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Do you know why workers’ compensation claims are denied?

If there comes a time when you make a workers’ compensation claim, you hope that it is approved as soon as possible. This means you can begin to receive compensation for your injuries or illness. Unfortunately, there are times when a workers’ compensation claim is denied. When this happens, it means that you aren’t going to receive any money.

There are many common reasons for a denial, such as:

— Your employer disputes your claim.

— The injury was not reported in a timely manner.

— The claim was not filed on time.

— You did not receive the necessary medical treatment after your injury.

— You can’t prove that the injury is work-related.

You have the right to challenge the reason(s) why your workers’ compensation claim was denied. At this point, you are unable to receive any money until and unless this is resolved successfully in your favor. Fortunately, you can file an appeal. It may be necessary to contact the insurance company to learn more about filing an appeal, including the information they require to take a second look at your claim.

Although you may feel dejected if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, don’t give up at pursuing the funds for which you may still be eligible. There are many reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied, but you shouldn’t give in if you know you deserve to be paid as the result of your injury or illness. You can work one-on-one with the insurance company, and may also choose to consult with an employment law attorney who can provide guidance.

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