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Pennsylvania’s new car seat law goes into effect

Do you know how to safely secure your toddler in the car?

Last month, a new Pennsylvania law went into effect that clarifies requirements for children’s safety seats in cars. Up until recently, state law only required that children less than four years old be secured in car seats.

But the law hasn’t set different standards for children of different ages, or specified which way car seats are supposed to face. Under the new law, all children less than two years old are required to be in rear-facing car seats. A similar law is already in effect in three other states, including our neighbor New Jersey.

The importance of clear car seat requirements

Because toddlers’ bones are still developing, they are softer than fully-formed bones. That means rear-facing seats are much safer for them. Putting children in rear-facing seats greatly reduces their risk of being severely injured or killed in the event of an accident – five times less likely, according to a safety tech at a New Jersey hospital.

Failing to secure your toddler in a proper rear-facing car seat could cost you a $125 fine, but for the first year motorists will only get a warning. The best reason to ensure you have proper car seats, however, is the knowledge that they are essential to keep your precious cargo safe.

How do you secure your children in the car? What’s your opinion of this new law? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or send this post to a parent you know.


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