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Don’t feel guilty about asking for workers’ comp benefits

You didn’t see the car. You just didn’t. You had a yellow light, and were rushing back to school for your third period class. The other car ran a red light and t-boned your car.

Waking up in the hospital, your head pounding, you see the principal. She tells you not to worry. Because you were running a school errand, you may be covered by the school’s workers compensation insurance. The last thing you feel like doing is asking the school to cover your bill.

It might feel awkward to pursue a workers’ comp claim against the school. But workers’ comp insurance exists to help employers cover employees in unfortunate work related accidents.

In Pennsylvania, employers keep workers’ comp insurance to in order give benefits to injured employees who meet the criteria and file for workers’ compensation correctly. The benefits covered by workers’ comp include:

1. Medical care.  Workers’ compensation insurance can cover medical expenses for employees injured at work.

2. Loss of income. If your work related injury is so serious that you can’t work during the recovery period some wage-loss benefits may be covered by workers’ comp.

3. Disfigurement or loss of limb. If you lose the use of an arm, a hand, or even a finger due to the accident, it can be devastating, emotionally and financially. Worker’s compensation insurance can provide for this type of life altering injury.

4. Disability benefits. If a work related injury makes you either partially or fully disabled or unable to work, it creates a hardship. Workers’ compensation may cover disability benefits.

5. Death benefits. Unfortunately, some work related accidents are fatal. When this happens, it can rob a family of their breadwinner. Workers’ compensation allows an employer to provide for the dependents of someone who dies in tragic accident at work.

If you or your loved one is involved in an accident in the work environment, you may be worried. You may be afraid of negative repercussions of filing a claim. You may also be afraid of filing and having your claim denied.

Workers’ comp claims are complicated, and are not always accepted. It may be a good idea to seek legal guidance on your particular work related accident before filing workers’ compensation.


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