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Injured on the job? You may have to fight for fair compensation

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Many employees assume that if a worksite injury is severe enough, their employer’s insurance will kick in and propose some fair compensation for their losses. However, even if the injury is serious and permanent, an employer’s insurance may fight tooth and nail to keep from making fair amends.

Thankfully, justice still can prevail, if you are willing to fight for it.

Just a few hours down the interstate to our neighbors in Pittsburg, a woman working at an airport ramp suffered a life-changing injury over two and a half years ago. The accident was severe, but her employer claimed that she was ineligible for compensation because she was not acting specifically within her duties when she was injured.

Initially, the court ruled against the woman. Under the initial ruling, the woman’s injuries were simply her problem. This is not, in any form of the word, justice.

If you have suffered injuries on the job, even if you are not actively doing work for your employer, you deserve fair compensation. The good news is that Pennsylvania may maintain precedent to support your claim. The hard news is that you will likely have to fight for fair treatment, even if you’ve suffered serious injury.

The severity may not matter to your employer, only their liability

For many employers, if they can avoid paying for an on-the-job injury, they will. It would be nice to believe that you are more than simply a number on a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

More often than not, you will need to fight for every cent of fair compensation. If you do receive an offer, it is unwise to accept it without first consulting with an experienced attorney who understands workers’ compensation and how claims work in Pennsylvania, and even specifically in Harrisburg.

The woman who recently made progress in her claim suffered a life changing injury, one that will forever change the work that she is able to do, if any. In her case, she arrived at work and realized her wallet and feminine products were not with her. Her mother came to the airport to deliver the items, and she drove a tug for carrying luggage near the terminal to meet her mother and get her personal items.

On the way, the tug tipped over and trapped her leg underneath it. Once at the hospital, her doctors determined that the injury required amputating the leg. All of a sudden, this young woman’s entire life changed.

Despite the severity of her injury, her employer claimed that they owed her no compensation, since she was not operating the tug on official business when the accident occurred. Fortunately, a judge eventually agreed that part of being a human occasionally requires momentary breaks from work to take care of such a matter.

Still, after more than two years, the matter is not entirely settled. It is fortunate for other workers that the woman has fought so fiercely for her rights and for the rights of other workers in a similar position.

Build a strong team to see strong results

Could the woman who lost her leg in the accident convince the judge of the unfairness of the employer’s refusal without proper legal guidance? Almost certainly she could not.

If you have suffered an injury at work, especially if the injury occurred under contentious circumstances, you deserve to have your situation evaluated professionally by an attorney who can build a strong case for your loss. With proper representation, you can explore your options for fair compensation and ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the process, which may be lengthy.


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