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What’s the most dangerous job in the US?

What’s the most dangerous industry for American workers? Is it construction? Manufacturing? Commercial fishing a la The Deadliest Catch? While these occupations all come with a multitude of risks, none of them top the list of dangerous jobs in the United States

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its annual Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for 2015, which breaks down workplace fatalities by sector and occupation. So which industry holds the dubious distinction of being the deadliest?

According to the report, it’s transportation. American roadways alone saw 1,264 total work-related deaths in 2015, Combined with workplace fatalities from materials moving and air transportation, the entire transportation and moving industry accounted for 1,301 fatalities. That’s more than a quarter of the country’s 4, 836 total workplace deaths.

Specifically, heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers saw the most fatalities in 2015: a whopping 745. We know that trucking accidents are often deadly for the other motorists involved in them, but the danger to truck drivers should not be overlooked.

Other hazardous industries

Some other industries highlighted for having a high number of fatalities in 2015 include:

  • Construction (694 fatalities)
  • Installation, repair and maintenance: 392 fatalities
  • Management occupations: 379 fatalities
  • Building/grounds maintenance and cleaning: 289 fatalities

Protect your rights, no matter your job

Employers have a legal responsibility to maintain a working environment to certain safety standards. If you have concerns about safety at your workplace, speak with an HR representative. If you have been hurt on the job or lost a loved one in a workplace accident, consider contacting an attorney to ensure you are treated fairly.


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