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Can you be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

If you are injured on the job and unable to return to work, it won’t be long before you want to learn more about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

While you need to focus most your attention on your recovery, it’s important that you also understand your legal rights.

Believe it or not, many people opt against filing a workers’ compensation claim because they are worried about being fired. They believe that their employer is able to legally terminate their employment for doing this.

As a worker in Pennsylvania, you’re probably familiar with the fact that it’s an at-will state. While this means your employer can fire you for pretty much any reason, filing a workers’ compensation claim is not one of them.

You have every right to file a claim for benefits without a concern about losing your job.

If you are able to prove that you were fired as a result of filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may be in position to file a civil lawsuit for wrongful termination.

At our law firm, we do whatever it takes to help people receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. This is not always simple, but you always need to protect your legal rights.

Don’t make the mistake of letting your employer push you around if you have been injured on the job. File a workers’ compensation claim and wait to see what happens. If your claim is denied or your employment is terminated, it’s time to review what happened and then take the necessary action.


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