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The type of worker that is most apt to be struck on the job

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) released a new study on Aug. 2 in which they note that the injury rate in the construction sector is higher than that of any other major industry. As a result, they suggest measures that employers in this industry must take to reduce the struck-by incidence rate in this sector.

Researchers highlight how, during the four year window between 2011 and 2015, at least 804 construction workers, or 18 percent of all industry workers, were fatally wounded after being struck on the job. Struck-by injuries in the construction industry can involve a worker being run into by a car, heavy machinery, or construction materials according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

As for the causes of struck-by fatalities during that time frame, 52.2 percent of them were reportedly caused by equipment or objects striking the construction workers. In contrast, at least 96 percent of all nonfatal worker injuries involved a worker being struck by either objects or equipment.

The researchers note that the sectors of the construction industry that are most dangerous include the power-line, highway maintenance and the loading and excavator machines. Highway maintenance workers have a fatality rate of 16 out of 100,000. They are at highest risk of being struck by passing motorists as they work on public thoroughfares.

In this industry, researchers found that older workers have a higher risk of dying from their struck-by injuries compared to younger ones. To illustrate their point, the study’s researchers highlighted how 25.3 percent of those killed in stuck-by accidents are those ages 45 to 54. Researchers say this is the highest percentage of all age groups.

The study’s researchers point out that struck-by injuries and subsequent deaths can be greatly reduced. To reduce the risk of injury, they note that safety regulations have to be more closely adhered to. They note that workers should be required to wear brighter protective gear to make them more visible.

An added emphasis should also be placed on safety. Vehicles should be equipped with backup cameras and internal traffic management plans should be implemented as well.

If you’ve been either seriously hurt or have lost someone in a struck-by accident on the job, then a Dauphin workplace injury attorney can advise you of different avenues for recovering medical expenses in your case.

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