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Employee sues Consolidated Rail Corporation for foot amputation

An employee of Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Rail Corporation filed lawsuit against his employer in federal court on Monday, July 24. In his filing, he alleges that his employer neglected to provide a work environment that was reasonably safe for him to work in.

He also argues that they prohibited him for seeking necessary medical treatment. The plaintiff asserts that doing so would have been essential to prevent the partial amputation of his foot.

The New Jersey man had been working as both a brakeman and conductor for the rail company prior to his injury. The day he had been injured, he alleges that he was carrying out regular work duties, which included using an industrial stapler. It’s while he was using that device that one of the staples punctured his foot.

He alleges that, being a diabetic, he immediately asked his supervisors to allow him to be seen by a physician. He maintains that his request was denied. Instead, he alleges that he was told he’d need to first speak with his boss about how he was injured before he’d be allowed to seek out medical treatment.

The plaintiff argues that the delay he had to endure before ultimately being allowed to be seen by the doctor was partially to blame for his eventual amputation. As for another contributing factor, he alleges that his supervisors at the job failed to allow him to take the necessary time off from work to seek follow-up care with doctors.

He contends that this denial happened during the critical first few days after the incident took place. He argues this delayed treatment ultimately resulted in his right foot having to be partially amputated.

The man’s lawsuit was filed at the U.S. District Courthouse for Eastern Pennsylvania. He’s requested an undisclosed amount of punitive, compensatory and special damages. The plaintiff has requested for the defendant to reimburse his court costs as well.

It’s possible to file a personal injury lawsuit in cases in which it can be proven that an employer’s negligence resulted in a workplace injury. If you’ve been seriously hurt on the job, then a Dauphin, Pennsylvania, workplace injuries attorney can advise you of potential legal remedies available to you in your particular case.

Source: Penn Record, “Consolidated Rail Corp. employee alleges delayed medical treatment caused foot injury,” Louie Torres, Aug. 17, 2017


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